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Grade Your Day  

  • Select ‘Start’ to launch the quiz. Today’s date will automatically display. If you’re taking the quiz for a day other than today, tap or click the date to bring up the date selection calendar and select your desired date.
  • Answer each question to the best of your ability, using the help text as a guide.  Tap ‘Previous’ or ‘<‘ to review or change your answer. Tap ‘Next’ or ‘>’ to skip a question without answering.

Note: You must answer all ten questions Yes or No before a grade can be calculated. 

  • Answer the bonus question, if desired, and tap ‘Next’ or ‘>’ to display your grade for the day.
  • Tap ‘See your GPA’ to record your grade and see your cumulative Nutrition Grade Point Average.

View / Clear Your History

  • From the Home screen, tap ‘History’ to view your scores by date.
  • Tap ‘Clear’ to permanently delete all entries from your history.
  • To delete an individual entry, click on the corresponding trash can icon.

Export / Import Your History

  • From the Home screen, tap ‘History’.

To Export:

  • Tap ‘Export’ to create a CSV file of your history.
  • Tap ‘Download file’ to save file to your device.
  • Tap ‘Back’ to return to the Home screen.

To Import:

  • Tap ‘Import’ then tap ‘Choose File’.
  • Select the CSV file you wish to import and tap ‘Upload’.

Note: Please unzip and extract any files before uploading. Only files from the Nutrition GPA app can be imported.

  • You will see the following warning message: “Uploading this file will overwrite any existing entries for these date.”
  • Tap ‘OK’ to import your history and overwrite any existing entries for the same dates you are importing.
  • You will see a “Successfully Uploaded” message.
  • Tap ‘OK’ to return to the Home screen

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