Track and Improve Your Eating Habits in Just 2 Minutes a Day

Singled out by The New York Times as one of 4 Best Diet Tracking Apps, the free Nutrition GPA app can help you change your eating habits for the better...and for good.

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This is not your usual diet tracker.

This is Nutrition GPA

Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN

Developed by a licensed nutritionist, this FREE easy-to-use web app that helps you understand and improve your eating habits without having to track every single calorie.

Step 1

Each day you'll simply answer ten quick questions about what you ate and get a grade for the day. Everyone loves getting A's right? But a grade of B or better what you're going for.

Step 2

Your daily grades are averaged to reveal your Nutrition Grade Point Average. And don't worry too much if you get a bad grade one day. It's how your habits average out over time that counts.

Step 3

The app will keep track of your progress and help you improve each day! Your diet doesn't have to be perfect in order to be healthy! A Nutrition GPA of B or better is all you really need!

A Healthier You is Just Two Minutes a Day Away with Nutrition GPA